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Preserved Foods


Entries may be in any size, clean, clear standard, canning jars with sealed lids and rings. Jars should be labeled name of canned good and date it was canned. There should be ¼ inch of head-space for jams/jellies/salsa; ½ inch for fruits, relishes and tomatoes; and 1 inch in low acid foods that will be processed in a pressure canner (according to USDA regulations.)

FPR1. Apples
FPR2. Applesauce
FPR3. Berries
FPR4. Cherries
FPR5. Peaches
FPR6. Pears
FPR7. Other Canned Fruit
FPR8. Juice

FPR9. Beans, green, cut or snap
FPR10. Beets
FPR11. Corn
FPR12. Tomato Juice
FPR13. Tomatoes
FPR14. Soup/Stew
FPR15 Other canned vegetables

FPR16. Beet Pickle
FPR17. Bread and Butter Pickle
FPR18. Dill Pickle
FPR19. Sweet Cucumber Pickle
FPR20. Other Pickles
FPR21. Sauerkraut
FPR22. Corn Relish
FPR23. Cucumber Relish
FPR24. Pepper Relish
FPR25. Other Relish
FPR26. Sauce
FPR27. Salsa

Jam- Ground up pieces of fruit
Jelly- Made from Juice of fruit
Preserves-made with pieces of fruit

All jams, jellies, preserves, marmalades and butters must be processed and sealed according to USDA regulations listed above.

FPR28. Blueberry jam
FPR29. Strawberry jam
FPR30. Any other jam
FPR31. Apple jelly
FPR32. Grape jelly
FPR33. Any other jelly
FPR34. Cherry preserves
FPR35. Strawberry preserves
FPR36. Any other preserves
FPR37. Apple Butter
FPR38. Any other butter
FPR39. Any fruit syrup
FPR40. Honey
FPR41. Marmalade- Any flavor
FPR42. Dried fruit/vegetable- plate of 3 in plastic bag
FPR43. Dried meat (eg. Jerky) plate of 3 in plastic bag

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Gate Admission
  • Tuesday $10.00
  • Wednesday $10.00
  • Thursday $10.00
  • Friday $12.00
  • Saturday $12.00