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Fruits & Vegetables


FRU1. Apples – plate of 5
FRU2. Peaches – plate of 5
FRU3. Strawberries – 1 pint
FRU4. Blueberries – 1 pint
FRU5. Cherries – 1 pint
FRU6. Any other berries – 1 pint
FRU7. Any other fruit – plate of 5
FRU8. Fruit display (an assortment of at least 5 different homegrown fruits)

VEG1. Asparagus – 6 stalks
VEG2. Beans in pod, 1 doz.
VEG3. Beets, 6 with tops cut to 4”, any variety
VEG4. Broccoli- one head
VEG5. Cabbage- any variety (some outer leaves)
VEG6. Carrots- any variety, plate of 6 tops cut to 4”
VEG7. Cauliflower- one head
VEG8. Garlic- plate of 3
VEG9. Mustard /Kale greens- 6 leaves
VEG10.Spinach- 6 leaves
VEG11.Greens- any other- 6 leaves
VEG12.Green onions- plate of 6
VEG13.White onions- plate of 5 with tops
VEG14.Yellow onions- plate of 5 with tops
VEG15 Any other onions- plate of 5 with tops
VEG16.Okra – 6 pods
VEG17.Peas – edible pod – plate of 12 pods
VEG18.Peas –Shell peas – plate of 12 pods
VEG19.Banana peppers- plate of 3
VEG20.Bell peppers- plate of 3
VEG21.Hot peppers-plate of 3
VEG22.Any other pepper
VEG23.Potatoes- red, plate of 3
VEG24.Potatoes- white, plate of 3
VEG25.Summer squash-yellow -plate of 3
VEG26.Green summer squash – plate of 3
VEG27.Summer squash –any other variety
VEG28.Radishes- plate of 6 with 1” tops
VEG29.Rhubarb- 3 pieces
VEG30.Pumpkin/Winter squash (acorn, butternut, hubbard) – plate of one
VEG31.Tomatoes- green -plate of 6
VEG32.Tomatoes –red- plate of 6
VEG33.Tomatoes- cherry- plate of 6
VEG34 Tomatoes- grape- plate of 6
VEG35.Tomatoes-purple-plate of 6
VEG36. Tomatoes-HEIRLOOM- entries must include heirloom variety name.
VEG37.Wild edible greens (poke, dandelions)
VEG38.Any vegetable other than the above
VEG39.Vegetable display (An assortment of at least 5
different homegrown vegetables)

VEG40.Most unusual vegetable-new variety
VEG41.Largest cabbage by weight
VEG42.Largest potato by weight
VEG43.Certified Ky Proud- entries must include documentation of certification by KY Proud
VEG44. Certified Home Grown by Heroes- entries must include documentation of certification by Home Grown By Heroes.

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Gate Admission
  • Tuesday $10.00
  • Wednesday $10.00
  • Thursday $10.00
  • Friday $12.00
  • Saturday $12.00